The development of a network of waste water treatment plants is still live issue both in this country and abroad thanks to the continuous European support to the development of water supply infrastructure. The decanter centrifuges manufactured by PBS can be used by municipalities with up to twenty thousand residents and by micro regions. There are four types of the decanter centrifuges depending on the municipality size.


  • Municipal waste water treatment plants, according to the number of equivalent residents

Up to 3000 residents
Up to 3000 residents MODO250
From 2500 residents
From 2500 residents DO250
From 10000 residents
From 10000 residents DO301
From 15000 residents
From 15000 residents DO520


  • Low acquisition price, return on investment max. 3 years
  • Low operating costs and installed power input
  • Long service life and simple maintenance
  • Saving of costs of sediment storage on dumps
  • Saving of costs of drying in subsequent processing technologies