Our experienced team will propose appropriate centrifuge depending on suspension type. By default, we test the suspension character and parameters to offer and provide optimum solution to the customer.

Flow rate <4 m3/hour
Flow rate <4 m3/hour DO250
Flow rate <8 m3/hour
Flow rate <8 m3/hour DO301
Flow rate <15 m3/hour
Flow rate <15 m3/hour DO520

Our solutions of separation of various suspensions are applied in:

1. Industrial waste water treatment plants
2. Food industry
  • Dairy works – cottage cheese skimming
  • Potato processing – thickening of grated potatoes
  • Production of soya products – cleaning of milk after homogenization
  • Production of beverages – pretreatment after pressing
  • Production of vegetable oils – oil pretreatment after pressing
3. Chemical industry – in water glass production technology
4. Paper works – process water treatment
5. Sugar houses – fluming water treatment
6. Ore mills – mining waste
7. Geological examination – test hole waste
8. Carcase disposal plants – animal fat cleaning
9. Animal farming – dewatering of livestock excreta